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As the founder of NWPOA.ORG, Bob Bingham has a proven history of leadership, bringing citizens together and representing citizen interests.  Bob knows what you expect when you cast your vote for him and he understands the TRUST you are placing in him to represent your values.  But more than that, after you vote Bob into office, you’re expecting RESULTS.

This election is more about the voters who will put two BOCC candidates into office.  In that sense, it’s not about Bob Bingham, its about Bob Bingham being your elected representative.

Bob understands what your vote means to you. You’re a conservative minded republican, when you vote for a conservative candidate you are placing your “TRUST” in him/her and that means that you have expectations about what the candidate elect will do while in office.

 D town hall ad“TRUST” – An expectation that once you have voted for a candidate they will:

  • apply the conservative principles you understood them to have,
  • fight to reduce the regulatory burden upon you while providing the basic services needed from your government,
  • spend no more tax dollars than absolutely required,
  • not grow government without truly justifying the need and how it will be paid for,
  • protect if not enhance the individual and collective rights of citizens and property owners,
  • find and eliminate waste, fraud and make government efficient where it can be,
  • plan for the future by saving a portion of tax revenue for larger capital projects,
  • fight to reduce the influence of the federal government into your everyday life,
  • just say no to the ULUC signinsure that our local government processes are just and that needed public services are provided,
  • represent mom & pop citizens rather than special interest industries or groups,
  • make sure we have a transparent and accountable government,
  • safeguard our way of life, our freedoms and liberty,
  • manage our economic vitality and natural resources
  • foster an environment for local business ventures to flourish,
  • keep you informed by reporting back to you about how things are going,


over the top government regsAs a conservative voter, you have expectations that the elected candidate will “REPRESENT” you in government affairs so you will not have to go to tons of public meetings to make sure government is kept in check. You’re looking for a good manager to manage your government.

If you decide to vote for me, I understand you are putting me in there so you don’t have to be at dozens of public meetings. I get it and I will indeed have your back.  I will be getting paid to be there so you do not have to.  Your trust in me must produce results.

“RESULTS” – An expectation that once you have voted for a conservative candidate they will: produce evidence of things done, get things accomplished, make things better, obtain a desirable conclusion, cause a beneficial effect, in simple terms “to be effective”.


D small sizeThere will be a couple of things different if you put Bob into office, ie, the location of where he works and getting paid for doing it, but Bob Bingham will still be doing the same thing he has been doing for the last several years and that is representing citizens.

Over the last several years Bob has been invited to speak to groups of citizens all over Kootenai and Bonner counties speaking on a variety of topics such as: Property rights, the ULUC (since defeated), the KC Comprehensive Plan (in no manner balanced) , the KC Impact Fee Program (set up wrong and did not follow the law), Urban Renewal (being abused), Cyber-Security and Privacy (no one is working to protect citizens), the U.N. Climate Change Treaty (really a wealth transfer program).   Bob has been invited to speak in school gymnasiums, libraries, community and senior centers and a legion halls.

D legion website audienceEach year Bob contacts state officials asking them to improve one aspect or another of state law related to land use law, cyber-privacy, and other things like urban renewal law.

Bob has even contacted the governor’s office over a family being threatened of being locked out of their property by state employees and to encourage the Governor to protect Idaho citizens from cyber crimes.


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