Parties and Politics

The “Parties and Politics” – a series

What follows is a series of articles written by Bob Bingham, Founder of NWPOA.ORG and a 2016 current Republican candidate for Kootenai County Commissioner.  Each article expounds on aspects of politics and the human condition from a conservative Christian (layman) perspective.  The sister series to this is called “Faith and Politics.”

If you’re like me, you are frustrated with your political party and you’ve asked yourself the following question:  “Does it really matter which party is in office?”

Note: Much of what follows is a simplification. Readers are asked to keep that in mind.  I am not in any manner schooled in political science.  Please accept that it was written by a common layman for common men, this is not a thesis or a dissertation.


The Parties Part 1share-of-national-debt-by-president

We’ll skip the historical aspect for the establishment of the 3 major political parties.  In addition to the 3 main parties, there is a small field of other political parties that have tried unsuccessfully to dislodge one or both of the 2 major political parties. While I’m not that familiar with the Democrats reasons for discontent with their party, I know a lot of people not happy with our Republican party.

I’d venture to say that a large majority of the “unaffiliated” voters are Republicans who left the party because they were not happy with it.  I think the exodus occurred after Regan and beginning with the Bush’s.  I believe far more people are running back to the Republican party “due to Trump” rather than leaving “because of Trump,” but we will not really know that until Nov. 8th. Read more

It is very clear, we cannot continue spending with such fiscal abandon.


Recent Party Shake-ups Part 2

The 2016 Presidential Primary Elections brought similar earthquakes to both of the two major political parties.  The effects of both are expected to reach into the November elections.  I’ll begin by stating I am a registered Republican.  I initially backed Carly Florina and/or Ben Carson, however both had dropped out by the time our March Idaho Presidential Primary occurred.  With Ben and Carly out by the time the Idaho Presidential Primary came, I voted for Ted, while still being upset with Ted’s slick willy tricks to steal delegate votes from Ben.  Fast forward, none of my picks made it.  Trump was the only Republican candidate who received enough delegates to win the Republican nomination. He is the Republican Nominee and frankly I’ve found reasons to support him. (Honestly, I’d vote for a 5th grader over HillaryRead more

North Idaho Politics Part 3

In Kootenai County, the General Election results often end up in a 65% / 35% split between Republican / Democrat candidates.  However, I and a few others estimate about 25% of the registered Republicans in Kootenai County are actually Democrats who registered as Republican.  We also believe a large pool of Republican voters are Unaffiliated or Independent registered voters.  They left the party because they are fed up with “do nothing” Republicans.  My wife and I left the Party for a couple of years for the very same reason.  Eventually we decided we must affect change within the Party rather than leaving it.  Read more

Federal Power – Spreading Like Cancer   Part 4

Cancer – is a large group of diseases involving abnormal cell growth with the potential to invade or spread damage to other parts of the body.  Cancers produce no negative symptoms until the cancer spreads or reaches a debilitating size and many times finding cancer is missed because negative symptoms mimic other ailments.  For instance a cough can be a symptom of lung cancer, the flu, a cold, or bronchitis.

My view of federal power is similar to a spreading cancer, most everything national politics addresses, (global politics too for that matter) it does so to the detriment of other organs (states and local governments) in our nation.  If you view our nation as a body and the body itself is the federal government, then each state is a large organ within the body and smaller organs consist of counties and cities.  Each President, each Congress and each U.S. Supreme Court body invades and takes over areas of freedom and rule making that constitutionally should be left to the States themselves and the people living in those states.  a-obamaLike an out of control cancer, Americans need to destroy the aspects of our federal government that invade what are otherwise healthy body parts.  Obama is certainly been a cancer to American freedom and liberty, he is more aggressively selling out America’s future than any other president.  Obama thinks he is smarter than you and I, he believes only he knows best, it’s his agenda not the peoples agenda.  Read more


Dealing With the Gators Created by the Parties  Part 5

In the accompanying “Faith & Politics” series we learned according to scriptures, that everyone one of us is born into sin.  We learned “getting saved” does not make us sinless, rather more frequent visitors to kneeling in prayer asking for forgiveness for our sins.  From the Christian standpoint, we can thus suppose that the worst sinners are the ones who think they do not sin.  We know that Christians make up the vast majority of both parties, and we could easily deduce that sinners vote for sinners.  Read more

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