Letters of Support

In addition to the spoken words of many, we are posting some of the notes of support for Bob Bingham.

I cut my salaryBINGHAM: A true conservative

Four years ago Bob Bingham educated the citizens of Kootenai County about our threatened land rights. We were able to fight against and defeat the 500-page ULUC. Bob did this as a favor to Kootenai County residents and was never paid for his work. Since there is now a second Land Use and Development Code being thrust on us, we don’t have time for on-the-job training, as would be necessary for the other candidates. Bob already knows this information and is ready to implement his expertise. He pledges to fight for us, remain true to his constituent base, never to trade a vote for any favor or benefit all while remaining completely transparent.

I encourage all voters in Kootenai County to go to Bob’s website, bob4idaho, check out his commitment to us and compare his written PACT with anything any other candidate offers. You will be amazed at the information on his website. His plan goes well beyond the “elect me” plan of other candidates. He even pledges to keep our property taxes low by agreeing to cut his salary by the same percentage if the county budget is increased.

Bob served as plant manager of a $300 million power generation facility. He was responsible for an annual budget of $33 million. With his work experience and time spent over these last four years researching many aspects of the county’s business from land use, overcrowding of the jail and annual budget reviews, Bingham is the only candidate qualified and ready on day one to take on this job.

Vote Bob Bingham for county commissioner May 17. Your property rights are at stake.


BINGHAM: For property rights

Where did common sense go? Does Kootenai County have a short memory? Why are we rehashing the same stuff over and over again? Reading up on all the candidates for county commissioners talking about the same old issues over and over again is so frustrating. In my opinion, there is one candidate that stands above the rest — Bob Bingham.

Bob has been protecting property rights in Kootenai County for the last four years. I saw him take on the county commissioners regarding the property rights robbing Comp Plan and the proposed Unified Land Use Code. He can explain complex code issues in a way you can understand. He doesn’t let people get away with untrue statements, but is polite about it. He is not easily fooled.

Bob has been fighting to protect property rights for years and will for years to come. Where were the other candidates for county commissioners 4 years ago? How many county and land use code meetings did they attend before deciding to run for county commissioner? Are they for unelected, appointed county positions? Did they fight against Streamline 2012?

I’m voting for Bob Bingham for county commissioner on May 17. I think you should too!


BINGHAM: Defender of rights

It is easy for me to vote for Bob Bingham because I know he will make an excellent commissioner. How do I know, because he has been engaged in county government as an active citizen for nearly four years. Bob was one of the leaders in the fight to defend our property rights against the Unified Land Use Code (ULUC), he succeeded in getting impact fees rescinded and refunded and has brought a measure of transparency to the budgeting process. Basically, he’s already doing the job.

Bob Bingham is detail oriented and a straight shooter. You’ll get the truth from Bob and we NEED the truth, even if it hurts.

At a forum, the candidates were asked about the $37M excess fund balance and they each outlined how they would spend it, except Bob, who said “The right question is WHY has the county over-taxed property owners by $37M?” Good question! Go Bob!

The three other candidates talk a good game. Some have experience in other jobs that may or may not be helpful to a commissioner but only Bob Bingham has the direct experience and knowledge to make him an effective Kootenai County commissioner on day one. Don’t fall for the “I can do that” line from the other candidates when we would probably find out too late that they can’t “do that.”

I encourage you to join me in voting for Bob Bingham, Kootenai County commissioner on May 17.

BARBARA HEDDEN, Precinct 40 Committeewoman

BINGHAM: Man of action

Bob Bingham is a servant leader who cares about our community. For the last several years, he has invested his time and energy for the betterment of our county. Bob is a man of action. While most of us just complain about issues, Bob actually DOES SOMETHING. When a storm hits and trees block the road, Bob rolls up his sleeves and clears the road for his neighbors. When electricity is out, Bob loads up his truck with supplies and helps those in need.

Likewise, when county commissioners were pushing through the ULUC a couple of years ago, Bob tirelessly worked to engage and inform the community about the hundreds of onerous regulations being added to our county land use code, and successfully organized the citizenry’s opposition to the regulatory destruction of our property rights.

Not only does Bob take action, he inspires others to action. He knows how unite people from disparate walks of life to accomplish good things. Bob will bring that same spirit of cooperation to the BOC.

We don’t know what the other candidates will do — we’ve been fooled before — but Bob has a track record. We can trust him to protect our rights and our wallets. He is the only candidate who can walk into the job with a comprehensive knowledge of the issues facing the county because he has been researching and addressing them for years.

Bob Bingham is the clear choice for freedom and property rights.


BINGHAM: Nobody’s puppet

Because we respect and appreciate all of Bob Bingham’s 1,000’s of hours of work, he literally gave up much of his personal life for two years, on behalf of Property Owners in Kootenai County, the NWPOA Board of Directors is choosing to Support Bob Bingham for county commissioner. Bob has the experience and knowledge to do the job, he will be ready to go on Day One. In visiting with the two newest members of the BOCC after they first took office, they both described the initial learning process and assimilation of information as “drinking from a fire hose.” Bob has attended many, many of the county meetings and researched the issues involved with being a commissioner. Not only is he prepared to go to work, he is an honest, God-fearing man who has defended property owners and tax payer rights for the last four years. Bob would like to see a more honest and transparent process at all levels in county government. He has not been and will not be a paid puppet for someone else’s agenda. He has not been put forth as a candidate by any local “kingmakers.” Bob stands on the work he has done openly and above board for residents of Kootenai County. Please join us in Voting Bob Bingham Dist. No. 3 commissioner on May 17.

CARLA WOEPNER and NWPOA Board of Directors

VOTE: Macomber, Cheatham, Green, Bingham

I was shocked when reading the story “North Idaho Voter Project seeks to address turnout.” The article shows that the Coeur d’Alene Tribe and it’s agents have no problem funding and supporting certain Candidates. As a Board Member of NWPOA I am very concerned.

Half of Montana’s water is now controlled by the Tribes and Federal government there through the CSKT Compact. They heavily lobbied (funded) the Montana Establishment and when the day came to vote the Legislature voted with the Tribe. Now cities and citizens are going bankrupt through excessive water rates and lower water allotments.

Is this their plan for Kootenai County? Luke Malek has been a friend to the Tribe since the beginning of our water adjudication process here. The NWPOA has hired an Attorney to fight for the citizens of Kootenai County to protect our water from having the same thing happen here as in Montana. Now they are openly financing Luke and Peter Riggs, both friends of our Establishment Governor and also $1,000 to Ben Wolfinger too. (According to sunshine reports.)

It is critical that we vote against these candidates and for those who will protect our Property and Water Rights before we lose them!

Vote on May 17 for Art Macomber (a property rights attorney), Don Cheatham (who has been in the fight with us), John Green (would be a Constitutional Sheriff) and especially Bob Bingham (for Commissioner) who has worked tirelessly in fighting for our property rights and founding the NWPOA.

JEFF TYLER,   Coeur d’Alene