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Name: Bob Bingham

Age: 60

Years married: 35

Pictured is Bob’s wife Paige, Bob and daughter Elisabeth

Work Background: Bob entered the work force as an entry level truck mechanic, later transitioned into the power/energy industry (23 years), also working 10 years in the construction industry and operated a couple of his own businesses during his professional career.  Serving as plant manager of a 600 mega-watt, $300 million power generation facility, Bob was personally responsible for all staff and an annual budget of $33 million dollars.  Additionally Bob obtained his credentials as a certified code inspector in the 1980s.   Bob’s story is that of a working man who progressed to upper management levels.  Bob was often promoted everywhere he worked and received numerous bonuses during his years in management. “I strived to be the best I could be at every job I had, believing that management would promote me to greater levels of responsibility.” 

Total net worth: Estimated $ 410,000

Last 5 years of household AGI income: 2015= $41,000  2014=$32,000  2013=$30,000  2012=$25,000    2011=$24,000    (More disclosure, I was earning $95-150,000 in the years 1999-2007)

Education: While a life long student (always learning) Bob has no college education, a high school GED and his highest grade completed is 9th.  Bob was raised in troubled family conditions with several broken family divorces.  Bob was expelled from school in the 10th grade for wearing sandals over several days (in those days there was a dress code and very little in the way of social support services).  While encouraging students to remain in school, it is noteworthy that, Peter Jennings, Richard Brandson, Andrew Carnegie, Thomas Edison, Walt Disney, Mark Twain, and other very successful people never completed high school.

Volunteer work: Most of Bob’s daily life over the last 3.5 years has been working with citizens in various communities around the county via North West Property Owners Alliance.  No one in NWPOA is paid, NWPOA is an all-volunteer organization serving the collective interests of property owners.  Bob and his wife, Paige, also coach couples seeking marriage enrichment support.


  • Founder of NWPOA.ORG,
  • Kootenai County Citizens Academy graduate (multi-agency law enforcement)
  • ICBO/ICC legacy certified code member (building codes)
  • Private Pilot, w/HP and complex ratings
  • NRA Life member, CCW permit holder

Hobbies and things you enjoy: Golf, flying, playing with my German Shepherd dogs, scuba-diving, riding with my wife on our road bike, horseback riding (we used to have 5 horses), helping friends gives me great pleasure too.

Faith: Non-denominational Christian.        Person you most admire: My wife!

Favorite Movie?  There are two, “Last of the Mohicans” and “Braveheart”

Favorite Book?  The Bible for putting me in my place (sinful/rebellious) and for its message that God loves me anyway. Having someone love you even while knowing all of your failures, is a pretty big concept to me.

Favorite music? I listen to contemporary Christian, country and some 1970’s era music.

C cut'n woodWhat do you feel is your greatest accomplishment? When I’ve made a difference in one person’s life, often they likewise make a difference in mine. My wife knows the best Christmas I ever had occurred when a neighboring family called me early one Christmas morning explaining their water well pump had quit pumping water. They were a large close family who would have several family households gathering later in the afternoon for their Christmas meal. It took several hours, but we got it fixed and they got to have their Christmas gathering. I felt really good for not only being able to fix their well pump, but that they knew they could call me on Christmas morning and that I’d be there for them. Friends take care of friends.

Care to take a stab at personal failure or regret?  hmmm, there are many things in life that I suppose I regret. I should have been a better and more present husband and father.  As a workaholic, I was not home with my family as much I should have been.  It’s one of the areas we now coach couples about, ie to maintain the proper priorities and life balance.

book coverYour wife Paige and you wrote a marriage book? Yes, a handbook called “Marriage Building it to Last” After figuring out how to be married (the first 15 yrs) we had people asking us for advice, which initially was verbal, then we created some written handouts, everything then leading to self-publishing our handbook. It’s a failure if we focus on sales but a success from the feedback we’ve received from it. For several years we volunteered with Family Life at the marriage conferences held at the CdA Resort each November. We also coach couples and led a home group focused on marriage building.  Even though we published a book, my wife and I are linguistically challenged. The two editors kicked our butt!

B idaho_ 030What would surprise people about you?   I suppose two things.  I used to have a lot of hair!  In my youth it was down to my belt, now hair only grows out of my ears and nose. In spite of speaking in front of crowds of people that I do not know, I am a bit of an introvert.  It is why I live in the rural county, for the solitude.  Just spending time with my wife is something I never get tired of, she is an amazing woman.

Have you ever run for an elected office before?  No

Have you ever held a government type job before?  No, my entire work life has been in the private sector either working for myself, corporations, or for business entrepreneurs.

Best advice you received:  “To have an attitude of continuous learning and improvement”.  It is a concept I hold to today, I admire people who teach me things.

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