Faith and Politics

“Faith and Politics” – a series

What follows is a series of articles written by Bob Bingham, Founder of NWPOA.ORG and a 2016 current Republican candidate for Kootenai County Commissioner.  Each article expounds on aspects of politics and the human condition from a conservative Christian (layman) perspective. The sister series to this is called “Parties and Politics.” Note: Much of what is follows is a simplification, readers are asked to keep that in mind.  I am not a historian, theologian or bible teacher.  Please refer to the full text and context of the bible itself.  Should a theologian read this, please accept that it was written by a common layman for common men, this is not a thesis or a dissertation. Without formal education, my commentary will reveal that I am a poor writer, please receive the commentary in spite of its linguistic shortcomings.

Getting Real about America’s Christian Leadership – Part 1

There are a few aspects of politics and the Christian faith that no candidate that I know of has ever talked about because doing so would be counterproductive to the candidate getting elected. While non-Christians may find what follows humorously interesting, this faith based political commentary is meant to stir thoughts in those of us who call ourselves “Christian” in the biblical sense. Read more


The Bible and American Government  – Part 2

It might surprise those whom have never read the bible, that the bible talks a lot about “nations, peoples, tribes, kings, nobles, rulers, judges, magistrates, governors, treasurers, laws, justice, courts, supreme court, power, authority, even tax and tax collectors.”   There was local as well as international commerce between nations and the trading of goods.  Not to mention property ownership and various other rights described in the bible. Read more


From Dependence Upon to the Purging of the Bible and Christian Faith  – Part 3

For the first 2/3rds of American history God, the bible and Christianity were cornerstone to daily social life in and out of politics.  Nothing supports the birth of our nation being anything other than led by people generally espousing and practicing aspects of a Christian/biblical based faith, who for the most part read and sought advice from the bible. The Founding Fathers and those who followed soon after them, chiseled into granite many biblical passages.  However, over the last 60+ years of our American experiment, humanistic valued politics has pushed God, the bible and Christian morals out of political and social relevance.   Read more


A Few Words About the Bible  – Part 4

Our Founding Fathers very frequently quoted the Bible, many well-known people of influence also sought comfort and guidance in the bible, so you and I are not alone in having a desire to read and study the bible. The continuity of the bible is amazing when you consider the facts surrounding it. The bible consists of the old testament (before Jesus’s birth, then He was described as the Messiah) and new testament (after Jesus birth). The bible consists of 66 smaller books, written by 40 authors over a period of about 1500 years and covers a period of time roughly 6-8,000 years. (according to young earth followers)  The bible contains a lot of history, poetry, law, morals and prophecy.  The bible explains creation and why we were created.  It has been called an “instruction book for life”, written by men inspired by God to provide us with information that God desires for us to know, a book replete with warnings and examples for life, knowledge of what the future holds and promises from God for what our destiny will be.  Read more


Christian Character in Politics?  – Part 5

I would not deny that there are groups of Christian organizations and/or so-called Christian king makers who seek to push (steer the sheep) behind the scenes for national and local political candidates who are running for office. What their personal “qualifications” are for selecting someone as worthy, I do not know.  And there are certainly many national Christian organizations that are active in politics regarding various moral/social issues such as abortion, homosexuality, home schooling, etc. and my wife and I belong to several politically active faith based organizations.  Without endorsing any particular candidate or party, some faith based Christian organizations produce ratings for candidates based on issues they deem most important. Read more


A Reality of Our Christian Faith  – Part 6


It will not surprise those who actually know me that I would use some portion of my candidacy to talk about aspects of Christianity and politics. The fact is I want this aspect of who I am out now prior to the election, because I want voters to understand this aspect about me.  Without forcing my faith upon anyone, (unlike Islam, Christianity cannot be forced upon a person, Christianity is a personal faith and devotion to God and Christ takes place in the heart and mind, Christianity is based in love not fear) I meld my faith into nearly everything I do.  Read more


Vote For the Sinner!   – Part 7

So from a biblical perspective, the Christian political process is not faultless people voting for a guiltless person, rather it is that sinners (redeemed) are voting for fellow sinners (redeemed).  That said, being a sinner does not disqualify anyone from voting or holding any political office any more than espousing devotion to the Christian faith makes a person more qualified.  If we could not vote for sinners, we would have no one to vote for. The fact is, in biblical context, all of us are sinnersRead more


A practical application of sinners coming together and making it work   – Part 8

My wife and I understood that we each married a damaged person, that we were both sinners and would continue to be sinners, yet we work at cultivating our love for one another in spite of our damaged and sinful nature. We further acknowledge that we both brought undesirable baggage to our marriage that came from the way we were raised, from prior failed relationships and from our own poor choices.  Read more


The Road to Becoming a Christian   –  Part 9

As a layman in the faith, I’d like to continue with this very basic review of Faith and Politics by providing those who are not Christian with an understanding of the path that leads to being a Christian.  You likely understand me or other Christians only by the label, I’d like you to understand the journey that many of us took. That said, many people who describe themselves as Christian may say they followed a different path. I’m in no manner the “judge,” the judge is God,  I am merely offering my perspective based upon my experiences and interpretation of the bible.  Undoubtedly your perspective will differ from mine and I’m OK with that. Read more


Part  10 the final part, coming soon ….