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Primary Election day will be Tuesday, May 15th, 2018:

Please direct all questions to the Kootenai County elections department, ph 446-1030. Please be advised that the information contained on this page could become obsolete or link to older files since replaced by the elections department. Please verify all info with the elections department.

Whether you vote in every election or have never voted before, the Kootenai County elections department has some great tools to help make it easier for you.  Visit the Kootenai County website here  You can also get information from the Idaho State Voter info website here.  Idaho provides a citizens voter guide to help you understand the election process in Idaho.  If you would like a very detailed map of precincts  or the legislative district map, or the county commissioner district map just click the link.   ( Note: the 3 maps are very large files) Reminder, for the two county commissioner seats up for election, ALL citizens residing in Kootenai County will be voting for both seats.

The Kootenai County Republican website is here and you can find information for your local Republican precinct committee person here.  The 2016 GOP platform has a lot of good information in it.  FYI, the National GOP Platform very strongly supports property rights, comes out against overreaching government abuse citing the radicalized EPA, global rule and global taxes.

KC look-up toolThe Kootenai County elections department also has a great polling place look up tool that will easily direct you to where you will be casting your vote on election day. Click here for that link.   Here is how it looks >>>>


Get prepared to vote: register to vote

Step #1 If you are not a registered voter, you can download the form here and register, or go to the Elections office (1808 N. 3rd St
Coeur d’Alene, Idaho) and register.

Step #2 If you desire to affiliate with a particular party, or desire to change party affiliation, you can download that form here.

Step #3 Decide if you want to vote absentee ballot (vote before actual election day) you will need to request an absentee ballot.

Step #4  Then vote!  By absentee ballot, or on election day at your designated polling location.


What about candidate Vetting ?

A MUST! Citizens need to do a better job in this area. Like many citizens we are all tired of people showing up around election time saying “elect me!”  The fact is we most often vote for someone we know very little about.  That needs to change.Read more

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