Bob’s “PACT” With You

FB link smallerMany of us are frustrated by candidates who say one thing and do another. Yet a written pledge can become a contract of sorts for voters to hold a candidate accountable after they are elected.

County and State leadership is going to be very important in the coming years.

Looking from the top down, our national debt totaled $10 trillion dollars when President Obama took office, which represented the accumulated debt total from all 43 prior presidents (and congresses) who served before him. (220 years) Yet in his 8 years of being America’s CEO, Obama will have doubled our national debt to $20 trillion dollars, severely crippling all future Presidents and every congress that will follow after him.  (It is true that several congresses must share in the blame)  At this point our children and our children’s children are saddled with a debt burden that America may not be able to recover from. Other than WWII, there has been no other time in American history when our national debt exceeded our GDP.  Additionally it appears certain President Obama along with 190+ other nations will sign the U.N. Global Climate Change Treaty and he has already stated that America is responsible for global warming.  The U.N. Treaty and the Obama administration’s plans and commitments both before and after the Treaty (or executive action) takes effect will result in far-reaching changes to Federal, State and Local laws in addition to new financial burdens upon American citizens.

Why do these two topics matter to Kootenai County?

Our state and local governments need to prepare for what will assuredly become a shrinking return of federal tax dollars back to our local and state governments, heavy pressure to adopt sweeping new regulative reforms and interest rates that are predicted to double in the next few years.

My plan goes well beyond the “elect-me” plan of other candidates.  I plan to work hard for Kootenai County citizens. The following “PACT” will hang in my office as a constant reminder of my pledge to you.

Bob Bingham’s “PACT” with Voters

RepubPolitical Philosophy   While serving all citizens, I will remain true to the constituent base who elected me to serve.  I am a conservative Republican with a sincere desire to uphold the U.S. Constitution and Idaho Constitution.  I will apply conservative principles and solutions to county problems while considering the concerns of other ideological viewpoints.  I will apply strong fiscal restraint and practical budget practices while seeking to improve county functionality where we can.  I will continue to stand up for and protect citizens with regards to property and privacy rights.

Accountability (elected officials should be able to demonstrate our management ability)

  1. PACT 2-6 for web aI pledge before voting, to entirely read every law or ordinance put before me and to ask questions until I understand the ramifications and burdens it places upon citizens. (remember Pelosi’s insane statement, “We need to pass it and then we can find out what is in it”)
  2. I pledge never to trade my vote for any favor or benefit from any company or individual.
  3. I pledge not to trade my vote for the support of another commissioner, rather to vote upon the merits of the issue before me, to remain true my principles and the collective will of the voters who put me into office.
  4. I pledge that when it is in my power to do so, to protect the property rights and privacy rights of citizens.
  5. I pledge to attend the vast majority of the BOCC meetings I am assigned to attend.
  6. I pledge to treat all citizens the same without regard to notoriety, wealth, or influence.
  7. I pledge to consider the implications upon the freedom and liberty of citizens when passing any ordinance and to uphold the U.S. and Idaho State Constitutions and the sovereignty of the people who are the establishers of all American government.

Citizen/County Focus  

  1. I pledge to work with city and county representatives to stimulate economic growth that reduces the burden of property taxes upon property owners and renters and to stimulate good paying jobs in our county.
  2. I pledge to use my influence with state officials to collectively get laws passed at the state level to protect citizen privacy in regards to medical, credit, cyber, and other personal data.
  3. I pledge to use my influence to resist any new federal or global sales tax upon our citizenry.
  4. I pledge to listen to the advice of the county employees who serve with me. I know from experience that employees are a great source of problem-solving information. Part of my job as a commissioner (ie a manager) is to remove hindrances to employees so they can do what they know needs to be done.
  5. I pledge my resolve in keeping property taxes low, by the following: for the 2-year term I am a commissioner, I will personally commit to reducing my salary by the same % the county budget is increased factoring in new development changes, from the prior fiscal year. (a 2% higher county budget, will result in a 2% reduction in my salary with the salary change adjustment to occur with the FY period)
  6. I pledge to conduct at least 4 community town hall meetings each year to connect with citizens in the communities where they live.
  7. I pledge to seek approval from the other commissioners to create a “balanced survey” that is sent to the unincorporated rural property owners within our county to provide them with a method of feedback into what they would like to have and not have with regards to land use codes.

Transparency (your right to know about what your government is up to)

  1. I pledge to seek approval from the other commissioners to post online a list of every lawsuit by or against the county and to keep that list of lawsuits up for 10 years including a record of the final judgement $ regarding each.
  2. I pledge to seek approval from the other commissioners to post online every elected official’s historical budget for a period of 10 years.
  3. I pledge to seek approval from the other commissioners to post on-line every elected official’s staff turnover rate for a period of 10 years.
  4. I pledge to seek approval from the other commissioners to post on line a list of the lawsuits and/or settlements that occur with current and prior county employees for a period of 10 years. (to protect privacy, the names of staff will be omitted)
  5. I pledge never to vote to award a contract to any company that is not willing to make its data (printed materials) open (barring very sensitive or personal people info) to public review. (the BOCC has given contracts to companies not willing to allow the public to review and critique their data)
  6. I pledge to seek approval from the other commissioners to pass an ordinance that would require the county to notify by USPS, every affected property owner of zoning boundary changes and/or changes in their land use regulations. (prior BOCCs just publish notices in the public notice section of the newspaper)
  7. I pledge to petition all 46 (CAFR) taxing districts within Kootenai County to post online their last 10 years’ worth of financial data and levy rates. For those taxing districts with no website portal, to provide that information on the Kootenai County website. (your property tax bill or the cost of rent is very significantly impacted by many of these taxing districts, I want it all out in the open)

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