11/9/16  I would like to extend a huge thank-you to those of you who supported me over the last 10 months of our campaign.  I am excited to begin a more focused effort of meeting with other elected officials, department heads, county employees, business leaders and citizens for more feedback and frankly, your help.  I purpose to make the right decisions for the right reasons and I know that there is a wealth of knowledge that other people possess that I do not possess. 

I look forward to collectively working not only with Chris and Marc but also Jim, Ben, Mike, Barry, Steve and Warren to improve aspects of county government and to find ways to reduce the regulative and property tax burdens upon citizens.  

On election day, I met with a local business leader who shared with me some concerns about a few aspects of county government. But he not only offered his concerns, he also offered his research and that he and others were ready to help.  This is what gives me hope, we can come together and work towards making things better.

I need to be frank, I was far more concerned and far more excited to learn when I awoke this morning that our next President will be Donald Trump, that Republicans have secured the Senate and the House and with that the ability to restore Constitutional balance back to the U.S. Supreme Court.  This is a historic day for America.  

I would sincerely appreciate your continued support and prayers over the coming two years. Again, thank-you.

The Only Conservative Republican With a Proven Track Record of Representing Taxpayers

  • cropped-bob-paige-bingham.jpgFounded North West Property Owners Alliance to give Kootenai County property owners a collective voice in government.  NWPOA mission is two fold focused upon conservative principles regarding property and privacy rights.
  • Bob embraces strong conservative based principles for limited government, low taxes and a less intrusive government.
  • Bob reviewed and published the budgets of all 7 elected county offices for the last 10 years.
  • Bob reviewed and published the budget activity of several taxing districtsWonder why your taxes keep going up?
  • Bob fought hard against the ULUC preventing the doubling of regulations upon rural property owners that radical environmentalists strongly supported.
  • Bob fought against the County Manager initiative.
  • Bob has been invited by citizens to conduct town halls within local communities over the last 3.5 years on topics such as: the Unified Land Use Code and Comprehensive Plan, Property Rights, the U.N. Climate Change Treaty, Cyber-Privacy and Security, and other topics.
  • I cut my salaryBob is the ONLY candidate pledging 21 points that will make your county government more accountable and transparent to citizens.  Bob doesn’t plan to raise your taxes, if for some unforeseen reason he did, he has promised to cut his own salary by the same amount. 
  • Bob is against the climate “globalization” efforts by our current and past presidents, that will undermine our U.S. Constitution and dramatically impact state and local laws.  We do not need a global tax of any kind, let alone a global or national carbon tax.  Nor should America’s local land use laws be dictated by United Nations “save the planet” plans and treaties. (post 2015 global agenda   2030 global agenda)
  • Bob is a strong advocate for Idaho stopping (creating laws and penalties) most all of the data collection being done by government and private companies without the permission of Idaho’s citizens.  Bob supports a law requiring any company collecting any data on any Idaho citizen, to annually notify each person, on what they are collecting and who it is being sold to or that company would be prohibited from doing any business in Idaho.  Identity theft is a major problem and our leaders are doing noting about it.  Bob will push our state representatives and governor for new reforms to protect citizens.
  • Bob has proven his dedication in representing Kootenai County citizens and he has accomplished a lot on behalf of citizens over the last 3.5 years, all while never earning a dime.



candlelight church BOCC - Sheriff ForumWould you like to watch the Republican Primary candidate forum held at the Candlelight Christian Fellowship?


Just click the image to the right.  It begins with the sheriff candidates up to about 29:30 into the video, then the BOCC candidates begin.  The overall length is about 2 1/4 hrs.  Make sure you have your sound turned on.

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Better Management & Vision  

The disconnect with county leadership and citizens has been amazingly wide.  Your next county commissioners have to understand the failures of the past and know how to manage the various processes leading to successful decisions or we are destine to repeat similar failures again.  In recent years this citizen disconnect has showed up in several significant areas:Read more


Bob Bingham Seeks Kootenai County Commissioner District 3 Seat 

Bob Bingham, local advocate for property owners and founder of North West Property Owners Alliance, announces his intention to seek the office currently held by fellow Republican Dan Green.

Launched into community service when a concerned neighbor called him in 2012 about the proposed ULUC Code, Bingham united citizens together by founding NWPOA.ORG. Under a common banner, a broad coalition of citizens from all walks of life and from several political persuasions catalyzed together with the common goals of protecting property and privacy rights.

“It has been very humbling to me that over the last 3-4 years people from communities all around Kootenai and Bonner counties have invited me to speak on topics related to property and privacy rights and to represent their collective interests before elected officials. If elected, I pledge to continue working with and representing the interests of citizens.”

Bob is dedicated to the spirit of our U.S. Constitution, the application of conservative principles, a desire for a nimble and transparent government that is accountable to, and properly serves, its citizens.


Bingham spent two decades working in the power industry, serving as plant manager of a 600 mega-watt, $300 million power generation facility, personally responsible for staff and annual budget of $33 million dollars. He spent another decade working as a commercial and residential general contractor. Bingham also obtained his credentials as a certified code inspector in the 1980s.

If elected, he plans to work with staff, other agencies, and elected officials to make our county government vastly more transparent. Applying research-based data and seeking consensus to solve several long range facility planning needs such as the need for our county jail expansion. Bingham plans to explore new ways to stimulate economic growth (business) and believes this is an underutilized tool in meeting the needs of county services without burdening property owners with higher taxes.

“I can’t say enough about Bob Bingham’s tireless work and thoughtful research over the last several years. Bob played an instrumental role in helping to stop the proposed Unified Land Use Code. He has a proven track record of citizen representation.” Jennifer Locke – Republican Precinct Committeeman

Bob and his wife, Paige, married 35 years, reside in the Athol/Bayview area. They have one adult child, Elisabeth, who lives in Hayden.

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Bob Bingham in Action, Standing Tall for the Rights of Citizens

D ULUC town hallBob is not running to be everything to everyone and he is not going to water down who he is, what he has done or what he will do if elected.  You have a right to know and Bob is providing you with all the evidence he can of where he stands.  Bob has FAR MORE personal and political information on this website than any other candidate has on their website.

“Once convicted of a crime and sent to prison, nearly every need (food, housing, protection, medical, entertainment, etc) is provided for the convict without cost, every need that is but “freedom”.   Keep this in mind, for if our government “protects” us any more, there will be little difference between the convict in prison and the man outside of it, except the man outside will be paying taxes.  The absence of walls alone does not signify we are free.”Bob Bingham, NWPOA Founder

Every candidate that runs for any local office has the opportunity to demonstrate prior civic involvement by providing examples of written and oral public testimony to show where they stand on local issues.  Yet, time and time again voters are asked to vote for someone with no political history.  Bob is a different kind of candidate, one with an established track record. Read more